App Development

Kaupang Studios is a world class game development studio. We are veterans of the video game industry with a passion for making games.

Cross Platform

We publish apps on the iPhone and Android app stores. Having a presence on these platforms is critical for staying in touch with your customers and attracting new ones.

Mobile Branding

Mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred method of accessing the internet.  Mobile games are the best way to reach the new demographic of people glued to their smartphone.


  • This is a fun restoration of the classic slot machine.  The ambience and feel are reminiscent of the real thing, but without the pressure of loosing money.  It’s just as relaxing and a perfect practice for the next trip to Blackhawk.

  • Takes me back to the old casino slot machines I grew up playing.  Sit down and take a spin to see where the reels land.  This is almost identical to the penny slot machines all the way down to the sounds.